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Through the Township of Langley’s Green Building Rebate Program, you can receive $300 for completing residential construction projects or retrofits within the Township of Langley.

Available Rebates

Building Type Rebate
Single family plan evaluation $300 per home
Multi-family plan evaluation $150 per unit*
  • *Note: Applies to 25% of the project

Eligibility Requirements

  • The program is open to builders, developers and homeowners who are constructing a new home in the Township of Langley.
  • The home must be a single family home, row home unit, townhouse unit, or duplex.

How to Apply

  1. Work with an energy consultant (Energy Advisor, Certified Passive House Designer, or Registered Professional) to design your home to meet the required performance targets.
  2. Submit a building permit application. All new single family homes must now include an energy modelling report to comply with the BC Energy Step Code.
  3. Obtain a Green Building Rebate Program referral form.
  4. If applying for mid-construction blower door test rebates schedule a mid-construction blower door test with an energy advisor.
  5. Complete an as-built EnerGuide evaluation to see if you meet Township of Langley Step Code requirements.
  6. Within 90 days, complete an as-built EnerGuide evaluation to see if you meet Township of Langley Step Code requirements.
  7. Receive Township rebate by mail if all requirements are met.


  • Within 90 days of the building permit application, you must submit the energy modeling invoice to the Township of Langley.


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