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The City of Surrey is offering a $400 rebate to building team participants who complete a Mid-Construction Blower Door Test on their new residential construction project, to help understand how to construct the airtight buildings required under the BC Energy Step CodeOffer available until all program funds are dispersed. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be constructing an eligible building under Part 9 of the BC Building Code
  • Project must be within the municipal boundaries of the City of Surrey
  • Project must have passed Sheathing Only Inspection

How to Apply

  1. After passing the Sheathing Only Inspection, email stepcode@surrey.ca with your building permit number to determine eligibility and receive a rebate coupon number
  2. Schedule and complete the Mid-Construction Blower Door Test with a New Homes-Certified Energy Advisor
  3. Complete the Mid-Construction Airtightness Report with your Energy Advisor
  4. Submit the report along with proof of payment (receipt, invoice) to the City of Surrey


  • Rebate coupons expire after 3 months


  • Each building team is only eligible for 2 rebates through this program, applies to the same building/building permit (if choosing to do a retest) or two different buildings/building permits.
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