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As a part of the Nelson EcoSave program, homeowners can receive on-bill financing for home energy upgrades. The loan is repaid on your Nelson Hydro electric bill.

The Great Escape
Is your home losing heat? Click here to find your home on the heat map, and see an aerial infrared scan of your roof.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a current Nelson Hydro customer.
  • You must be the owner of the residential home, including the land.
  • You must be a resident of the City of Nelson.

How to Apply

  1. To request a loan application, email the EcoSave Program Manager at ecosave@nelson.ca 


  • It is encouraged that work is completed within 6 months of applying for the loan. In certain situations, approval may be given after this time frame. Contact the EcoSave Program Manager at ecosave@nelson.ca for more information.


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