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The funds for this program have been fully allocated, but it is possible that some of the funds may become available if some of the projects in the program are delayed or stall. If you wish to apply for the program and be placed on a waitlist, registration is required. You will be given access to submit your project summary details for review after you submit the registration form.

The Near Zero Emissions Building Program is offering incentives starting at approximately $15,000 for designing and constructing a single family home or Part 9 multi-unit residential building to Step Code level 4, 5 or Passive House. The participants in the research program will share data on the challenges encountered and solutions implemented during design and construction. This program is available to projects located within a Metro Vancouver municipality that has adopted the BC Energy Step Code. The funding for this offer is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

Available Incentives

BC Step Code or Passive House Performance Level Heat Pump for Space Heating (1st Dwelling) For Each Additional Dwelling* Heat Pump for Water Heating Induction Cooktop
Step Code 4 Up to $15,000 Up to $5,000
  • Up to $1000/unit for integrated systems
  • Up to $2,500/unit for split systems
Step Code 5 Up to $20,000 Up to $5,000
  • Up to $1000/unit for integrated systems
  • Up to $2,500/unit for split systems
Passive House** Up to $20,000 Up to $5,000
  • Up to $1000/unit for integrated systems
  • Up to $2,500/unit for split systems

*An additional unit may include a lock-off suite, laneway house or additional units in duplexes, multi-plexes or townhomes.

**Passive House projects that only require one DHW heat pump for both space and water heating may qualify for the combined incentive amounts for space heating and DHW.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The single-family house must be less than 400m(4,300 square feet).
  • If the building contains more than one unit, the largest unit cannot exceed 400mand the building must be a Part 9 building.
  • The property must be located in the City of Vancouver or a Metro Vancouver municipality that has adopted the BC Energy Step Code (click here for adopting municipalities). If the property is located in another municipality within Climate Zone 4, the program administrator may accept the application based on the uniqueness or degree of innovation of the design and/or construction.
  • The design must satisfy the requirements for Step 4 or 5 of the BC Energy Step Code or Passive House certification.
  • The design must include a heat pump to satisfy all of the space heating requirements.
  • Preference will be given for the following projects:
    • The Issued for Construction drawings are complete.
    • The design includes heat pumps for space heating and generating domestic hot water.
    • The project team comprises a well-established group of companies or individuals that have a good track record.

 How to Apply

  1. Carefully read through Near Zero Emissions Program website to ensure your eligibility and to identify deliverables.
  2. Apply online upon construction launch.


  • Funding for this program is limited, and applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Application acceptance and funding permission is at the program partners’ discretion.
  • Program is fully subscribed

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