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The Comox Valley Regional District offers a 25-100 percent rebate on planning applications and building permit fees for achieving Step 3 or higher of the BC Energy Step Code.

Available Rebates

For new homes with permits dated after and including March 29, 2018:

Step Code Achieved Description Rebate
Step 3 20% More Energy Efficient than BC Building Code; Comparable to Energy Star or Built Green 25%
Step 4 40% More Energy Efficient than BC Building Code; Comparable to R-2000 50%
Step 5 Net Zero Energy Ready 100%

Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligible for a building permit rebate, the new residential building must achieve at least Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code.
  • To be eligible for a planning application fee rebate, the proposed development must be led by a non-profit agency in good standing, and where the proposed development relates to the agency’s core services and aligns with the CVRD’s regional strategies or strategic priorities.
  • The building permit application must be made on or after January 1, 2018.

How to Apply

  1. Applicants should complete and submit a Pre-Construction Report at time of building permit.
  2. Pay all application and permit fees upfront.
  3. Complete As-Built Report.
  4. Once all necessary planning application approvals and final occupancies on building permits have been issued, complete the application form and submit along with supporting documents.
  5. For planning application rebates: staff will review the application and recommend a rebate amount (partial or full rebate) to the CVRD board. The CVRD board will review the application and determine the amount.
  6. For building permit rebates: staff will review the application, confirm eligibility and issue the applicable rebate.


  • A complete application must be submitted within six months of the issuance of the last planning application approval and if applicable, final occupancy of the last building permit, whichever is later.


  • Rebates are made in the same payment method and to the same payee as the original fee submission or by cheque if the original payment method is not available.
  • An applicant is ineligible to apply for a rebate if any of the following criteria apply:
    • The subject property has an active bylaw compliance file that is not being actively rectified;
    • The applicant or the property owner has unpaid debts owed to the CVRD; or
    • The development has started without any planning approvals or building permits.
  • The following fees are not eligible for a rebate:
    • Permit extensions;
    • Development cost charges, other than those provided for as exemptions in the legislation;
    • Cash in lieu of parkland dedication in subdivisions;
    • Costs from independent professionals;
    • Archive retrieval, and large scale photocopying and printing fees;
    • Freedom of information administration fees;
    • Advertising costs;
    • Venue rentals;
    • Fees levied by external organizations.
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