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The CleanBC Better Homes Income Qualified Program is offering a rebate of up to $800 for the removal of pest, asbestos and/or mould issues found during the installation of a heat pump, heat pump water heater, insulation or windows/doors in the Income Qualified Program.

Available Rebates

You may be eligible to receive enhanced rebates that cover 60–95% of your home upgrade costs, with maximum rebate values of up to $800 to remediate pest, asbestos and/or mould issues.

Upgrade type

Rebate maximum

Income level 1

Income level 2

Health and Safety
  • 95% of eligible upgrade costs, up to a maximum of $800 per home
  • 60% of eligible upgrade costs, up to a maximum of $800 per home

Eligibility Requirements

To receive enhanced rebates through the CleanBC Better Homes Income Qualified Program, you must:

  • Meet the income qualification requirements below:
    • Rebate coverage is based on the combined income of all adults in your home and how many people live in your home, including adults and children. Combined incomes less than Income Level 1 are eligible for up to 95% of upgrade costs. Combined incomes less than Income Level 2 are eligible for up to 60% of upgrade costs.

Number of people living in your home

(including adults and children)

Combined pre-tax annual income of all adults in your home (excluding dependants):

Income Level 1

Income Level 2

1 $42,593 $55,903
2 $53,026 $69,596
3 $65,189 $85,560
4 $79,147 $103,880
5 $89,768 $117,820
6 $101,242 $132,880
7 or more $112,718 $147,943
  • Live in a home that is a year-round primary residence, is at least 12 months old, and one of the following types of residential buildings:
    • single family home (detached dwelling).
    • secondary suite in a single-family home (detached dwelling); the home and secondary suite must be individually metered.
    • mobile home on a permanent foundation.
    • duplex, triplex, row home or townhome, where each unit has its own natural gas and/or electricity meter. Utility accounts must be in the name of the resident and/or homeowner; utility accounts in the name of a strata corporation are not eligible.
  • If you currently rent your home, you will need a landlord consent form to accompany your application.
  • Pay your own energy utility bills. Utility accounts must be in the name of the resident and/or homeowner; utility accounts in the name of a strata corporation or landlord are not eligible.
  • You must pre-register and receive an eligibility code before completing the upgrade.

Upgrade Requirements

  • Must be installed in association with an eligible CleanBC Income Qualified Program heat pump, heat pump water heater, insulation, or windows/doors upgrade.
  • Must be used to remediate pest, asbestos, and/or mould issues.
  • Contact IncomeQualified@betterhomesbc.ca for pre-approval prior to completing your health and safety upgrade.
  • All upgrades must be installed by a Registered Contractor who is approved to install home upgrades for the CleanBC Income Qualified Program, for the trade applicable to the upgrade being installed (e.g. Heat pumps must be installed by a licensed residential heating and cooling contractor).

How to Participate

  1. Confirm eligibility by reviewing the Rebate Eligibility RequirementsParticipant Terms and Conditions, and Contractor Terms and Conditions.
  2. Complete the program’s pre-screen and pre-registration to determine your eligibility through the CleanBC Income Qualified Program participant portal. Once confirmed you will receive an eligibility code and opportunities report, outlining your suggested upgrades. You can also make an appointment with an income qualified program coach or schedule a virtual assessment for pre-registration assistance or support to identify the best upgrades for your home.
  3. Customer must choose an Income Qualified Program Registered Contractor to complete the upgrade.
  4. After completing the upgrade, contractor will submit the rebate application and deduct the rebate from the final cost of the upgrade.


  • The rebate application and supporting documentation must be submitted by the Registered Contractor within six (6) months of the invoice date.


  • See Income Qualified Program sample invoices.
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