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Through the City of Kimberley Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program, you can receive a refund on a portion of your Building Permit fees based on the EnerGuide rating of the building and level of Step Code achieved.

Available Rebates

  • Building Permit Discount – A $500 discount will be applied to the Building Permit fee upon receipt of report confirming the building has been designed to comply with Energy Step Code requirements. A building permit will not be issued until a report confirming compliance has been submitted.
  • Mid-Construction Air-Tightness Test Rebate – A $400 rebate will be issued after a report, completed by certified Energy Advisor, confirming compliance with the requirements of the Energy Step Code is submitted to the Building Official.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants for new buildings must submit a EEBIP Application and a copy of the pre-construction energy modelling and performance assessment report, completed by certified Energy Advisor, along with the building permit application package.
  • A mid-construction air-tightness test must be completed to ensure that the construction is on track to meet the energy efficiency standard before air and vapour barriers are covered. This test will allow builders to identify and address any problem areas for air sealing prior to drywall installation.
  • After construction is completed, the actual energy use and efficiency of the building must be tested by the certified Energy Advisor to confirm the final energy performance rating. The post-construction assessment report must be submitted to the Building Official prior to request for final inspection and occupancy certificate.
  • A building energy label containing information about the buildings’ energy use, efficiency rating, how the rating was calculated and where energy is consumed in the building must be posted in the building prior to issuance of occupancy certificate.

How to Apply

  1. Before construction begins, submit an Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program Application to confirm eligibility.
  2. Upon project completion, an EnerGuide Evaluation Report from a certified Energy Advisor must be submitted showing the final EnerGuide rating for the building and the BC Energy Step Code level attained.


  • There is currently no deadline for the Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program
  • All inspections and an Occupancy Certificate (if applicable) must be completed and issued prior to the issuance of a rebate.


  • The rebate will be issued to the person or organization that originally paid the building permit fee unless a letter authorizing the rebate to be given to another is received with the submitted application.
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