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Through the City of Kimberley Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program, you can receive a refund on a portion of your Building Permit fees based on the EnerGuide rating of the building and level of Step Code achieved.

Available Rebates

New buildings with Building Permits issued after January 1, 2018 are eligible for an initial rebate of $500 off the Building Permit cost to offset the fees associated with hiring an energy advisor.

BC Energy Step Code Level Rebate Amount (% of Building Permit Fee)
Step 2 10%
Step 3 20%
Step 4 40%
Step 5 60%

Eligibility Requirements

  • The new building must have a building permit issued after January 1, 2018.

How to Apply

  1. Before construction begins, submit an Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program Application to confirm eligibility.
  2. Upon project completion, an EnerGuide Evaluation Report from a certified Energy Advisor must be submitted showing the final EnerGuide rating for the building and the BC Energy Step Code level attained.


  • There is currently no deadline for the Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program
  • All inspections and an Occupancy Certificate (if applicable) must be completed and issued prior to the issuance of a rebate.


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