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FortisBC is offering up to $1,000 when replacing your old natural gas space heating or up to $1,500 when replacing your natural gas space heating with an eligible high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® combination heating and hot water system.

This upgrade can count towards the Two Upgrade Bonus or the Home Energy Improvement Bonus of the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program.

Available Rebates

New heating system Rebate Amount
94% or higher AFUE boiler

(installed on or after March 01, 2019)

ENERGY STAR certified natural gas combination heating and hot water system $1,200

(plus the $300 Two Upgrade Bonus)

P9 certified combination heating and hot water system $1,200

(plus the $300 Two Upgrade Bonus)

  • You are eligible for one primary space heating system rebate per home, regardless of the number of systems installed. For example, you cannot get a rebate for a furnace and heat pump, even if you install a new dual fuel heat pump system. Your second rebate application will be denied.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a FortisBC residential natural gas customer.
  • Homes primarily heated by natural gas supplied by Pacific Northern Gas are not eligible.
  • Natural gas must be your current primary heating system fuel type.
  • To count the upgrade towards the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program, the boiler must:
    • Be installed in an eligible home.
    • Home must be a year-round primary residence that is at least 12 months old.
  • Self-installations are not eligible.

Upgrade Requirements

  • Your existing natural gas space heating must be at least 10 years old and must not require repairs in excess of $1,000 (pre-tax, including parts and labour). Warranty replacements of emergency replacements of a boiler that is not in working order or is deemed unsafe to operate are not eligible.
  • You must install an eligible ENERGY STAR boiler with a two-pipe direct vent system. P9 Systems are exempt from the two-pipe direct vent system requirement. Manufacturer’s instructions permitting alternatives are not eligible. A photo of the two-pipe direct vent system must be made available upon request (sample 1, sample 2).
  • The system must undergo commissioning to ensure it is installed and operating according to best practice. A copy of the completed commissioning sheet must be made available upon request.
  • Eligible models can be found online:
  • The new heating system must become your primary heating system.

How to Apply

  1. Carefully read the Program Requirements and Additional Terms and Conditions to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Purchase an eligible natural gas boiler or combination heating and hot water systems and have it installed by a licensed gas contractor.
  3. Once your upgrades are installed, work with your contractor to complete, in full, the applicable online application form and include a copy of your invoice showing details of all work performed, purchase date, make and model number and installation permit number. A FortisBC account is required.


  • Application must be emailed or postmarked within 6 months of the invoice date of your natural gas boiler installation.
  • The application form for the Two Upgrade Bonus must be submitted within 6 months of the second bonus-eligible upgrade. You must complete your second bonus-eligible upgrade within 18 months of the invoice date of the first bonus-eligible upgrade.
  • The application form for the Home Energy Improvement Bonus must be submitted within 6 months of the date of your post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation. You must complete your post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation within 18 months of your pre-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation.


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