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The CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program is offering a rebate of $3,000 for installing an air-to-water hydronic heat pump if you are fuel switching from oil, propane or natural gas.  If you are installing a combination space heating and domestic hot water heat pump system, there is an available rebate of up to $4,300. Please refer to the combination space and hot water heat pump page for details on those offers. A $500 electrical service upgrade rebate is available when converting your fossil fuel primary space or water heating system to an electrical primary space or water heating system.

Available Rebates

  • $3,000 is available if you fuel switch your fossil fuel space heating to an air-to-water hydronic heat pump.
  • Select municipalities have Municipal Offers of up to an additional $2,000 that can be accessed only when converting from fossil fuel space heating (natural gas, oil, or propane) to an electric air-source heat pump.
  • Receive an additional up to $500 with the Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate (GPR) when you convert from fossil fuel heating to an electric air-source heat pump.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your upgrades must be installed by a licensed contractor with a valid BC business license for the trade applicable to the installation work.
  • You must have a residential utility account with FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility.
  • Your home must be primarily heated with:
    • Natural Gas or piped-propane supplied by FortisBC
    • Natural Gas supplied by Pacific Northern Gas
    • Oil or propane not supplied by FortisBC
  • Premises primarily heated by wood or other solid fuels are not eligible.
  • Homes in non-integrated areas of the electricity grid that are primarily heated with oil, gas, or propane require pre-approval from the Province prior to installation of an air-to-water hydronic heat pump to confirm eligibility. Contact betterhomesBC@gov.bc.ca to begin the approvals process.
  • You must live in an eligible home.
  • The home must have a minimum of 12 months of consecutive utility billing history.

Upgrade Requirements

  • The system must be on the Air-to-Water and Combination Heat Pump Qualifying Product List to be eligible.
  • The heating system must serve the main living area.
  • The heat pump must become the primary heating system of the home.
  • All fossil fuel heating equipment must be removed or decommissioned.
  • The primary back up system must not be natural gas, oil or propane. Homes with a natural gas or propane fireplaces are eligible if the fireplace is a secondary heating system.

How to Apply

  1. Carefully read the Program Requirements and Additional Terms and Conditions to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Purchase an eligible hydronic air-to-water heat pump system and have it installed by a licensed contractor.
  3. Once your upgrades are installed, complete the online application and upload all supporting documentation including copies of all receipts and invoices. See sample invoices. If you are converting from oil, propane, or natural gas to a heat pump, include proof of your oil, propane, or natural gas system removal, decommissioning or modification.


  • The application form for individual upgrades must be submitted within 6 months of the invoice date of the upgrade.
  • The application form for the Two Upgrade Bonus must be submitted within 6 months of the second bonus-eligible upgrade. You must complete your second bonus-eligible upgrade within 18 months of the invoice date of the first bonus-eligible upgrade.
  • The application form for the Home Energy Improvement Bonus and Post-Upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate must be submitted within 6 months of the date of your post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation. You must complete your post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation within 18 months of your pre-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation.


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