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Heat pumps are increasing in popularity in colder parts of British Columbia. In these regions, cold climate heat pumps are recommended. Cold climate heat pumps are built to work efficiently in conditions down to -25 degrees Celsius, with some systems maintaining an efficiency of over 200% at -18 degrees Celsius1.  Cold climate heat pumps have been tested in Canadian winters since the early 2010s2.

Since the air outside will always contain some heat, a heat pump can supply heat to a house even on cold winter days. In fact, air at –18°C contains about 85 percent of the heat it contained at 21°C2.

When purchasing a cold climate heat pump consult with your contractor about the right type of system for your home.   In most climate zones in the province, in particular for the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, there would be no need to install a back up heating system.  To check the average and extreme temperatures of your region see Environment Canada’s Climate Normals Data.


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