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Choosing the right contractor is the first step towards starting an energy retrofit. A Program Registered Contractor can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals by ensuring your upgrades meet Home Renovation Rebate Program and CleanBC Home Efficiency Rebate requirements.

Heat Pump and Insulation Program Registered Contractors have completed additional training so that they can provide the best service possible.  Working with a Program Registered Contractor means you are working with someone that is trained in industry best practices and is knowledgeable about the rebates available for your upgrades.

When hiring an installer for your energy efficiency upgrades and renovations, it’s a good practice to look for an installer’s certifications and credentials. For further information please visit Do I need to work with a Program Registered Contractor?

Training and Qualifications

Program Registered Contractors have:

  • Completed training with FortisBC and BC Hydro on the Home Renovation Rebate Program and CleanBC Home Efficiency Rebates.
  • Completed best practice training: Insulation contractors complete additional air sealing and insulation best practice training. Heat pump contractors complete additional heat pump installation best practice and building science fundamentals training.
  • Registered with WorkSafeBC. Confirm the business’ current standing with WorkSafeBC prior to choosing a Program Registered Contractor.
What to expect from registered contractors

In addition to meeting program business and training requirements Program Registered Contractors have agreed to comply with a code of conduct that prioritizes such values as fairness, integrity and honesty. They agree to charge customers a reasonable and competitive rate for service, provide equipment and installation warranties, advise about program rebates, handle customer complaints and ensure that their work meets the standard of industry best practices and is performed in a safe manner.

After your upgrade work has been done, Program Registered Contractors will always provide you with a completed Quality Installation summary. The quality summary is important as it outlines the details of the work performed, as well as any noteworthy observations.

Important information: This directory is for informational purposes only. The contractors listed on this directory are independent contractors and not affiliated with or employees of FortisBC, BC Hydro or CleanBC Better Homes in any way. The contractors listed on this directory meet the limited criteria of FortisBC and BC Hydro’s Program Registered Contractor Program, as set out on this webpage. FortisBC, BC Hydro and CleanBC Better Homes do not endorse the quality of work provided by a Program Registered Contractor or guarantee any of their services. It is your responsibility to interview and select a contractor that meets your needs. You may select a contractor from this directory, or select your own qualified contractor.

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Become a registered contractor

Interested in becoming a Program Registered Contractor? Please contact  alliance@bchydro.com for details.