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Program-Qualified Energy Advisor (PQEA) Resources

The following steps and resources are required for energy advisors to be designated as PQEAs for either Existing Homes or New Homes. 

Questions? Please contact the PQEA Administrator via email.

Existing Homes Energy Advisors


Be listed on the PQEA search tool for  by following these steps:


  1. Review Training Materials
  2. After reading through the Training Manual and Best Practices Guide, all Energy Advisors and at least one Service Organization representative (Manager and/or Quality Assurance Specialist) must complete the applicable fields in the Commitment Letter form.
  3. Note: The existing homes search tool is only for EnerGuide Rating System Energy Advisors.

New Homes Energy Advisors


Be listed on the PQEA search tool as a New Homes Energy Advisor by completing the New Home Commitment Form form below. This online search tool is for all energy advisors and energy modelers that meet the requirements outlined in the New Home Commitment Form.