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The Home Energy Improvement Bonus is a rebate of up to $2000 for improving your EnerGuide rating by installing three or more bonus-eligible upgrades. A pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation is required to determine the change in the EnerGuide rating of your home and the rebate amount. The Home Energy Improvement Bonus is paid out in addition to the rebates paid for eligible individual rebates.

Bonus-eligible upgrades include:

The Home Energy Improvement Bonus amount is calculated as $20 multiplied by the percentage reduction in your home’s EnerGuide rating (in gigajoules per year, or GJ/year) between your pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation.

For example: If your pre-retrofit EnerGuide rating was 250 GJ/year and your post-retrofit EnerGuide rating is 200 GJ/year you would do the following calculations:

  1. 250 GJ/year – 200 GJ/year = 50 GJ/year [This is the change in GJ/year of your EnerGuide rating.]
  2. 50 GJ/year ÷ 250 GJ/year = 0.20
  3. 20 x 100 = 20 [You have achieved a 20 percent reduction in your home’s EnerGuide rating.]
  4. $20.00 x 20 = $400.00 [This is the incentive you will receive, in addition to the individual rebates and the EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate.]

The Energy Efficiency Action Roadmap section of your EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report includes an estimate of GJ savings for recommended upgrades. See our FAQ How much will my incentive be for the Home Energy Improvement Bonus? to see the potential range of Home Energy Improvement Bonus rebate amounts based on the upgrades you do.

Keep in mind that not all upgrades recommended in your EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report are bonus-eligible. Always review the program terms and conditions before any renovations begin to ensure your upgrades will be eligible.

Even though some energy efficiency upgrades are not bonus-eligible, they may still improve your EnerGuide rating. For example, draftproofing (air sealing) is not a bonus-eligible upgrade but air sealing upgrades will improve (lower) your EnerGuide rating and allow you to access a higher bonus rebate.

If your renovation plans include upgrades that are not bonus eligible, ensure that at least three other upgrades are eligible so you can access the Home Energy Improvement Bonus. Other upgrades that are not bonus eligible but will contribute to lowering your EnerGuide rating and increasing your bonus rebate amount include:

  • Insulation upgrades that have received individual rebates under $500 in value or that are not eligible for the individual rebate (DIY installation)
  • Foundation insulation
  • Exposed floor, floor over crawlspace or basement header insulation
  • Solar hot water upgrades
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Draftproofing/Air-sealing

To get started: Schedule an EnerGuide home evaluation with a Program-Qualified Energy Advisor. The energy advisor will provide you with recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home and can assist with determining which upgrade options are bonus-eligible.