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Heat pump eligibility depends on the type of back-up being installed with the heat pump.

Applicable to All Homes

  • Mini-split and multi-split heat pumps combined with natural gas or propane heating are not eligible for a heat pump rebate.

Homes Heated Primarily by Natural Gas or Propane

  • Homes that are primarily heated by natural gas or propane who convert their primary heating system to a heat pump with a gas backup are eligible a heat pump rebate provided:
    • Your home must have had natural gas or propane as the primary heating system for at least 12 consecutive months. This may be confirmed by reviewing your utility billing history.
    • They are replacing an existing natural gas propane or propane furnace as the primary heating system.
    • The thermostat, outdoor temperature switch-over control or equipment control board must be set to the following temperatures for the life of the system:
      • Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland: 0oC
      • Southern Interior and Northern BC: -5oC
    • The heat pump must be sized to ensure that it has the capacity to meet the heat demand at or below the temperature set points above.  A heat load calculation is required, see What are the load calculation requirements for heat pumps?
    • The installed system must have an AHRI certified reference number and must be on the Qualifying Product List.
      • The AHRI certified reference number for dual fuel systems must show either the outdoor unit and indoor unit only, or the outdoor unit, indoor unit and furnace.
    • Products with a maximum static pressure of less than 0.6” WC are not eligible.
    • You may re-use the existing air handler to create a combination gas furnace/heat pump system. The system must be modified according to all applicable laws.
  • Note: Combining a central heat pump with a natural gas backup or propane backup is eligible for the central heat pump rebate and any applicable Municipal Offers provided all other program Terms and Conditions are met.

 Homes Heated Primarily by Electricity

  • Homes that are primarily heated by electricity who install a heat pump with a gas backup are not eligible for a heat pump rebate.

Homes Heated Primarily by Oil

  • Any heat pumps combined with oil heating are not eligible for a heat pump rebate, unless they meet the following criteria:
    • Residents of Northern BC (ASHRAE Climate Zone 6, 7A, 7B or 8) with premises heated primarily by an oil furnace before the heat pump upgrade are exempt from the requirement to remove and decommission the oil furnace. They may still use the oil furnace as a back-up heating source.
    • For help identifying which climate zone your home is in, check out our What is my climate zone? FAQ.