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    • Batt, loose fill, board and spray foam are eligible insulation types.
    • Foil is not an eligible insulation type.
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Program Updates and News

April 01, 2022 – Updated Program Requirements & Announcements
October 01, 2021 – Updated Program Requirements & Announcements
  • BC Hydro announced its Electrification Plan, which included a $3,000 top-up to the existing CleanBC Central, Mini-Split, and Multi-Split heat rebates.  Offer is available until funding is exhausted, upgrades must be from fossil fuel to all-electric heat pump within BC Hydro territory.
  • Updated Program Requirements (Effective October 01, 2021)
  • Tier 1 Central Heat Pump rebates are now available in FortisBC Electric territory only.  Tier 1 Central Heat Pump rebates are not available in BC Hydro Territory.
  • Mini-Split (single-head) heat pump efficiency requirements were adjusted to new minimums:  SEER>16.00 and HSPF>10.00.
  • ‘Other’ Insulation category now bonus-eligible if the rebate is at least $500.
April 01, 2021 – Updated Program Requirements
  • Updated Program Requirements (Effective April 01, 2021)
  • Insulation rebates now require working with a Program Registered Contractor to be eligible.  To become a PRC, contact alliance@bchydro.com.
  • FortisBC Furnace and Boiler Replacement rebates and Income Qualified Program no longer require the Commissioning Sheet or photo of the Two-Pipe Direct Vent system to be submitted at the time of the application.  They will need to be provided upon request by the program.
October 01, 2020 – Updated Terms & Conditions
April 01, 2020 – Updated Terms & Conditions
  • Updated Program Requirements and Additional Terms and Conditions (Effective April 01, 2020)
  • Tier 1 Doors are no longer eligible for rebates
  • Dual-fuel heat pump rebates have changed significantly.
    • Integrated, or dual-fuel, central heat pumps no longer require a variable speed compressor and must meet Tier 2 efficiency ratings.
    • Tier 1 dual-fuel central heat pumps are no longer eligible.
  • Heat pump set-point requirements have been changed.
  • EnerGuide Home Evaluation has been split into two rebates – $200 for the Pre-Upgrade and $100 for the Post-Upgrade.  Municipal top-ups on EnerGuide Evaluations apply to the pre-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation.
  • New Municipal Offers are available, including new Window and Door Top-Ups.
January 01, 2020 – Updated Terms & Conditions
  • Updated Program Terms and Conditions (Effective January 01, 2020 to March 31, 2020)
  • Eligible window requirements were updated, windows must be certified with one of the following certifying bodies in addition to having a maximum u-factor of 1.40 (W/m2·K)
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
    • Intertek Canada (Intertek)
    • Labtest Certification (LC)
    • QAI Laboratories (QAI)
    • National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC)
  • District of Central Saanich now offers a $350 Heat Pump Municipal Top-Up for replacing fossil fuel heating with a qualifying heat pump.
October 01, 2019 – Updated Terms & Conditions
April 01, 2019 – CleanBC Better Homes Launch
  • Updated Program Terms and Conditions (Effective Apr 01, 2019 to Sept 30, 2019)
  • EfficiencyBC and Home Renovation Rebate Programs renamed CleanBC Better Homes and Homes Renovation Rebate Programs
  • Introduction of lower HSPF requirements for heat pump rebates
  • Tier 1 Central Heat Pump Rebate ( SEER ≥ 15.00 and HSPF ≥ 8.50, no variable speed motor required) added
  • Tier 1 Window Rebates (U-factors of 1.23-1.40 W/m2⋅K) and Tier 2 Window Rebates (U-factors of 1.22 W/m2⋅K or less) added
September 29, 2018 – EfficiencyBC Launch
  • Launch of EfficiencyBC and Home Renovation Rebate Program Terms and Conditions (Effective Sept 29, 2018 to Mar 31, 2019)
  • Integration of Home Renovation Rebate Program into the  EfficiencyBC and Home Renovation Rebate Program
  • Municipal offers introduced
  • Draftproofing rebate discontinued

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