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CleanBC Community Energy Coach

The Province of B.C. offers free energy coaching services to assist community organizations to engage community members on energy efficiency and home heating fuel-switching opportunities, as well as take advantage of the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program rebates and the CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate.  To connect with a Community Energy Coach e-mail CEC@betterhomesbc.ca.

Community Energy Coach Support

The Community Energy Coach works with civic and community organizations to:

  1. Support community-based promotion and engagement of the CleanBC Better Homes programs to build awareness of home energy improvement and fuel-switching opportunities.
  2. Support the implementation of Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate initiatives in your community.
  3. Provide outreach and engagement support at public events and workshops.

For more information on engaging a community energy coach or to get started with accelerating retrofits in your community, contact CEC@betterhomesbc.ca

A civic/community organization can be, for example:

  • A community association
  • A neighbourhood association
  • An environment-focused organization
  • A service-based organization or club
  • A local government promoting retrofit programs with neighbourhood or community groups
  • A group of friends, family members, or neighbours

CleanBC Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate

What is a Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate? Value of Group Purchase Rebate Available
Size of Group Rebate Each Home Receives

The Group Purchase Rebate (GPR) is an additional top-up rebate for homes switching from oil, natural gas or propane heating to a qualifying CleanBC heat pump. The rebate value is variable based on the number of homes in the GPR group.

Participants can start their own group by requesting a GPR Code or joining another existing group with a GPR Code.

Recipients of a GPR Code are encouraged to spread the word about the offer and share the GPR Code with their neighbours, colleagues, and friends to increase their individual Group Purchase Rebate.

Participants who successfully meet the Group Purchase Rebate terms and conditions can access the GPR Rebate in addition to the CleanBC heat pump rebate (up to $3,000) and the local government top-up rebate (if available in their area, up to $6,000).  For more information and full terms and conditions, visit the Group Purchase Rebate page.

To register for your Group Purchase Rebate, visit www.betterhomesbc.ca/GPR-Register

2-4 Homes $200
5-9 Homes $275
10-14 Homes $350
15-19 Homes $425
20-30 Homes $500

How does it work?

  • The Group Purchase Rebate is available for homes that have oil, propane, or natural gas as their primary heating system before upgrading to an air-source electric heat pump.  Homes that are electrically or wood-heated before the heat pump upgrade are not eligible.
  • Participants must install a CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Program Eligible Heat Pump.
  • Participants must register online and can either join an existing group or start their own group.
  • Groups are defined by GPR Code.  All homes registered with the same GPR Code belong to the same group.
  • Participants must indicate their GPR group by including their GPR Code with their application when they submit their heat pump application.
  • Upon registration, each participant will receive a welcome message with a confirmation of their GPR Code, easy to follow instructions about the Group Purchase Rebate eligibility and ideas and messages they can use to spread the word about their heat pump purchase group.
  • Participants can use their heat pump contractor of choice, but we recommend using a Program Registered Heat Pump Contractor.
  • The GPR Code is valid for 90 days after the code is issued and will include an expiry date. If the code expires before you’re able to submit an application, you can join another group by registering with a different number or by starting your own group.
  • Participants will only need to submit one program application. If they install a qualifying CleanBC heat pump they will receive two separate cheques, one for their CleanBC application (and if applicable local government rebate top-up) and one for their Group Purchase Rebate. The Group Purchase Rebate will come separately after the GPR Code has expired and the rebate program has determined how many homes have participated in the group.

What can a community organization do to promote the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Programs?

There is a lot you can do to spread the word:

  • Promote the program through your social networks, newsletters, and outreach platforms individually.
  • Work with the Community Energy Coach to develop a customized Home Retrofit Acceleration Tool Kit. The tool kit is a selection of resources, marketing collateral, and outreach strategies to support community organization of home retrofits.  It is customized to the needs and goals of the community organization, be it a community center group or a municipality’s environmental or sustainability department.
  • Request a CleanBC Better Homes marketing bundle to be mailed for distribution at meetings, community halls, and other spaces.

Better Homes Booklet

Better Homes Info Card

Better Homes Rebate Chart

To get started, contact the Community Energy Coach.

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